Question on Living Debt-Free

This time I’m enlisting your help.  Cost of living is rising in most Western countries; especially in Canada. Household debt is at an all time high while salaries aren’t adjusting upward to adapt to the new reality.

In my upcoming book on living debt-free, I would like to address issues that people are dealing with or for which they need to find manageable solutions. Your participation in this  very brief survey, would help crystallize what financial insecurities are foremost on people’s mind.

Please share this link with as many people as possible.

Question on living debt-free

Many thanks.

I wish every one a very special and blessed Christmas season and the very best for 2016!


2 thoughts on “Question on Living Debt-Free

  1. You asked for help on this topic, therefore here is my insight and opinion on “eventually – living debt free.”
    Curb your shopping (shop only what is really needed) . Make meals out of left-overs.
    It is okay to use charge cards for shopping, (since paying cash gives you no credit or points)!
    But to avoid paying high interest rates pay the entire amount owing on the due date, try never to pay the high interest rates.
    As for other shopping, try to get second-hand stuff (like furniture). People move all time and trying to get rid of their furniture is hard. Often, you’ll get it free.
    Always pay your bills on time to avoid penalties.
    Take care of your health by exercising and socializing with family and friends.
    Save in your younger years while working and making money. Once you’re a pensioner it is hard.
    Those are my comments!


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